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workshops & bookings

CPM aims to run workshops throughout each year to help expand members knowledge through introduction to printmaking methods, experimentation and play. 


You can find out if there are any workshops planned in the near future by clicking on the homepage. The WHATS ON box will provide details of any up coming events.  


If you are not a current member of CPM the workshop fee will encompass the membership fee.  This will then allow you to attend CPM when ever you wish to hone your new found skills. 


Please refer to information on membership to see how our fee structure works.   


CPM is not a teaching institution but is primarily an open-access studio for artists.

Prospective members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the studio by visiting on any open day. 

Membership of CPM entitles you to studio workshop facilities, materials at cost and participation in group exhibitions and collaborative projects.

apply for membership here

use of the studio

Owing to the dangers associated with machinery and chemicals etc., equipment is available to members who can demonstrate proficiency and understanding of OH&S standards and agree to the studio workshop OH&S and rules and guidelines.

The Stokers Siding studio is provisioned with water from a rainwater tank and is on a septic system.

CPM has a green policy. We ask you to LEAVE NOTHING BUT YOUR FOOTPRINTS and restrict your use of chemicals as per list posted in the studio.

Members can book printmaking space by appointment


Papers, inks, solvents and chemicals are available for purchase at CPM. These items are

not included in the studio workshop hire fee. A cost guide is posted in the office area.

The studio runs on an honour system and members are responsible for recording and processing their own payments and receipts in the day book in the office.


open days

Fridays 11-3 (closed Christmas school holidays and Good Friday).

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